Engagement Statement & Safety Framework

Ahead of the conference the organising teams of 'Circus- a safe(r) space for danger', Circuscentrum, Ell Circo D'ell Fuego and MAD Festival, were guided by the skilfull expertise of Plan SACHA. Plan SACHA supports event organisers in developing protocols to respond to aggressive or intimidating behaviour. The organising teams received a 1-day training on key concepts about discriminatory practices and the myths surrounding sexist and sexual violence. Case studies and protocols were examined. This joint effort resulted in two concrete actions to contribute to a safer conference environment where participants, speakers and staff could express themselves freely while respecting their own and others' boundaries.

Engagement Statement

The organising partners established a Safety Charter with a number of values. Conference participants were invited to discover the values and adhere to them at the start of each session. Upon arrival participants received a welcome bag which included a flyer referring the safety framework amongst other things.

Safety Framework

safety framework

At the start of each session the safety framework was introduced using a number of slides. The purpose of these slides was to raise awareness among the participants on the safety framework and to put forward basic proposals and techniques to create a safe environment, in consensus with all participants. Each session these slides were introduced by a 'care angel', members of the organising team, who'd remain in the room during the whole session. The care angels were recognizable by the 'Circus- a safe(r) space for danger' -button they wore, making them visible and approachable throughout the duration of the conference.

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